Is it really free?

Yup,  we are learning that many organizations have done amazing work developing actionable clinical guidance and also have a mission to improve worldwide healthcare.  We want to support this effort.

Why this content?  Why not go directly to the research?

You can go directly to the research and we encourage you to do so but if a similar organization has shared content on a needed subject, you may be able to shorten your development time and save precious clinical time.    

Can I change the content to meet our local needs?

Yes.  It is very important to properly review any content that you will reuse and localize it for your patient population, staff, and supplies.  We encourage that content gets the same scrutiny as any policy document created within your organization.  

Who owns the content?

Nobody.  The content on this site is covered by a creative commons license to freely share and adapt.  Similar to the open-source software concept we hope and encourage sharing and crowdsourcing ongoing development of the best guidance.    

We have great content we would like to share.  How can I post content?  

How to re-use the content?

For our Quris clients send us a note and we will make the content available in your web and mobile app.   

For non-Quris partners, the easiest way to get the content is to print from your browser in a PDF format. 

We are currently working on an interface to allow for more options.  Send us a message via the contact and feedback button for any particular requests.   

Can I connect this content to my Quris application?

Yup.  Send your Quris content manager an email and we will do the work for you. If you don't know who they are, send us a message at and we will help you get started.  

Join us.  Do you have clinical protocols and guidelines you want to share with the world?  Send us a message!