Caprini Score

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       Each Risk Factor Represents 1 Point
  Age 41-60 years
  Minor surgery planned
  History of prior major surgery (<1 month)
  Varicose veins
  History of inflammatory bowel disease
  Swollen legs (current)
  Obesity (BMI > 25)
  Acute myocardial infarction
  Congestive heart failure (< 1 month)
  Sepsis (<1 month)
  Serious lung disease incl. pneumonia (<1 month)
  Abnormal pulmonary function (COPD)
  Medical patient currently at bed rest
  Orther risk factors ____________________


        Each Risk Factor Represents 2 Points
  Age 60-74 years
  Arthroscopic surgery
  Malignancy (present or previous)
  Major surgery (>45 minutes)
  Laparoscopic surgery (>45 minutes)
  Patient confined to bed (>72 hours)
  Immobilizing plaster cast (<1 month)
  Central Venous Catheter


       Each Risk Factor Represents 5 Points
  Elective major lower extremity arthroplasty
  Hip, pelvis or leg fracture (<1 month)
  Stroke (<1 month)
  Multiple trauma (<1 month)
  Acute spinal cord injury (paralysis)  (< 1 month)


       Age over 75 years
  History of DVT/PE
  Family history of thrombosis *
  Positive Factor V Leiden
  Positive Prothrombin 20210A 
  Elevated serum homocysteine
  Positive lupus anticoagulant
  Elevated anticardiolipin antibodies
  Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT)
  Other congenital or acquired thrombophilia  If Yes:
  * most frequently missed risk factor


       For Women Only (Each Represents 1 Point)
  Oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy
  Pregnancy or postpartum (<1 month)
  History of unexplained stillborn infant,
recurrent spontaneous abortion (≥3),
premature birth with toxemia or growth-
restricting infant


Total Risk Factor Score ___________

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