Admission Protocol Following an Ophthalmologic Procedure

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Most ophthalmology patients can be managed as an outpatient following surgical procedures. In rare instances, patients may require admission to the hospital. When patients are added to the surgical schedule or require urgent surgery, hospital admission can often be avoided via coordinating transportation or involving social work at an early stage.

However, when patients cannot be safely discharged following a surgery, those patients who require surgery following traumatic injury (i.e., after a traumatic ruptured globe, or eyelid laceration) should be admitted to the acute care surgery (ACS) service. In rare instances where there are medical issues that require post-operative management, post-surgical patients are admitted to the hospitalist service in the medical short stay unit (MSSU).

Admission to the ACS surgery service

  1. Page the General Surgery/ACS consult resident at xxxxx. Explain that this is an ocular trauma patient that needs admission. If issues with admission, please page the on-call ACS attending.
  2. If for some reason ACS cannot admit the patient, discuss admission with MSSU (below)
  3. Give sign out, including the reason for admission, mechanism of injury, active medical issues, discharge plan and follow up
  4. Typically, the ACS team will arrange for the admitting bed, and admission and discharge orders
  5. Provide yours or the surgical resident’s pagers to communicate any ocular issues overnight

Admission to the MSSU team

  1. Page the MSSU admitting attending xxxx
  2. Give sign out including reason for admission, active medical issues, discharge plan and follow up plan
  3. Take note of the admitting attending. Sometimes you will need to call admitting at xxxxxx to get a bed prior to the patient being accepted to the unit.
  4. Provide yours or the surgical resident’s pager for any ocular issues overnight
  5. No need for admission or discharge orders, as this will be taken care of by the medicine team

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