Rancho Los Amigos Cognitive Scale

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Level I:    No response to pain, touch, sound, or sight.

Level II:   Generalized reflex response to pain.

Level III: Localized response.  Blinks to strong light, turns toward/away from sound, responds to physical discomfort, inconsistent response to commands.

Level IV: Confused – agitated.  Alert, very active, aggressive or bizarre behaviors, performs motor activities, but behavior is non-purposeful, extremely short attention span.

Level V:  Confused – non-agitated.  Gross attention to environment, highly distractible, requires continual redirection, difficulty learning new tasks, agitated by too much stimulation.  May engage in social conversation but with inappropriate verbalizations.

Level VI: Confused – appropriate.  Inconsistent orientation to time and place, retentions span/recent memory impaired, begins to recall past, consistently follows simple directions, goal-directed behavior with assistance.

Level VIII: Purposeful- appropriate.

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